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How to use the basics of Keep A secret

Like most applications the look and feel is designed for the user to navigate around the software quickly and easily sometimes without a manual just simply intuition, however there are people that need to understand and be able to operate the software to the best of its a abilities.  The Keep a Secret project is a on going project which is being updated regular some updates will be massive and obviously will even be just a change in source code but usually you would check the changes via the updates news page.  


The two additional clocks which are customisable.  Which includes the date and and label name entry which can be edited.


This allows the widget to be the top most item on screen

Re-draw the KAS Interface once more

This will display the time that windows has been active.

If you have not used the computer for a while the widget will go in to a fade state this means that the clock will become transparent and fade, however the default is that the moment you touch the computer will unfade the clock, however you can also set it to do this when you move your mouse over the widget instead.


Compact Clock


The up time clock shows the amount of time that Windows has been active i.e. since logged in.

Add a clock to the widget, maximum of two more.

Show the configurations menu (the icons at top are default hidden)

Locks the location

Toggles if the clock is shown on startup

Setting the additional clocks is quite easy this can be done here or within the configurations menu (Clock Section)

Closes a clock

Saves the clock

Increase and decrease the tweak of the clock i.e. + & - in hours from your time.  I.e.

UK and +7 for Philippines

Allowing you to edit the label for what you need

The clock Icon allows you to manually enter the time it takes to go into fade mode and the slider does the same

This icon and slider allows how transparent the fade is.

Save settings

Save settings

On and Off

The timer fade completely

Choosing the clocks via the Timezone tweak within configuration, please note you may have to tweak slightly as this section does not use daylight savings time …yet! If I ever develop the code for it as a lot of people will just adjust slightly.

From the main controls go to the monitor and select Clock and look at the bottom of that window.


THE CLOCK Widget now has a speech reminder for certain times of the and an hourly chime! Which either tells you the time or a beep that pulses on the hour.

Enters the reminder system.

Displays the setup box for the chimes and voice settings

Displays the setup box for the chimes and voice settings and the spanner chnaged the global settings

Pressing this will allow you to test the speech by saying time and date.

Toggle activation of the sound

Allows you to choose the times for it to notify you on chime or voice, the button Hourly will tick all the hours of the day for the full 24 hours.  And the tick confirms and updates the chime system.

Settings up a reminder :-

The first Icon invokes the setup a for you to fill in time and the text you want the reminder to read out

1. Set the time

2. Enter the text you wish it to tell you in the reminder.

3. Save as a daily will store it and repeat daily unless removed.

4. Press [+] icon to add it

As you can see the entry is in the reminder list, the tick shows that its will be kept, un-ticking will remove it from the daily reminders.

DEL removes it from your entry list, simply pick the entry and click DEL, you will be prompted to confirm deletion.

Using the mini clock instead of the standard widget, clicking this icon will invoke (resize the widget and apply the mini clock mode instead.  Default = Time now

[X] in all instances exits out of the menus and [tick yes] saves or updates.

If you press on the arrow it will cycle the clocks default is your time now as you can see PH is +7 hours ahead which Philippines and +4 for AE United Arab Emirates which I chosen from the menu with in the settings.

Holding down the mouse Left button will allow you to position the widget anywhere on the screen however the position is restore back to old location when restore back to normal clock.

Clicking on this icon returns you back to the standard clock widget.

On an additional note if you only have one clock or and additional one clock it will only cycle through the clocks available.