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The editor has been designed to act like a word processor with all the functions you would fine like alignment, clipboard, search, replace, redo and undo however also included is


This is the main editor window, versions may vary.

All the features you need are there to create a document and save it, even print it when needed.  The actual format used by Keep a Secret on all the documents and diary files is RTF (Real Text Files) this is help users easily change text from within other file formats however this does not mean it can be done with the encryption format as that is for personal use and only can be decrypted within this application however at this present moment in time there is only 1 available encryption but ill be developing seeded encryption keys in future versions making it harder for people to read your data so easily.

Most of the options you need will be on the menu button on your mouse menu .. Right mouse button will show the commands and functions you need, saving files and is found under the File menu along with other easy to understand commands.

So in basics here is the commands which also correspond with the menu options which are the small icons below the menu and are Listed as :-

New, Open, Save, Properties


Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete

Undo, Redo, Left, Centre, Right Alignments

Bold, Italic, Underlined, Spell check(not active)

Encrypt/Decrypt, Insert Text, Speak Text, Use font, Add password

Add Time & Date, lower case to uppercase, uppercase to lowercase and

Search documents.

And below that is the counting of letters and words

On the drop down menus

File Menu

New Entry - Asks you to create a new file

Open existing - opens existing files in folder

Recent > links to recent files

Save Entry - saves straight away

Save As - allows you to save to another file

Quick menu - Allows the document manager to be shown

Export as Ascii file exports your RTF to TXT file

Import from old database previous version’s files

Close - Closes the file

Properties - shows information

Print entry - Prints your document

Exit - Save and exit

Edit Menu

Copy - copies into memory

Cut - does same as Copy but removes selected text

Paste - Just pastes

Paste and Clear - Pastes the memory and clears memory

In Clipboard shows what’s in the clipboard

Redo - If you done something and deleted you can redo the mistake

Undo - Recovers back what you delete

Basic Alignment





Bold - Well this answer that

Italic - Well this answer that

Underline - Well this answers that

Bullets -

Spell Check - This is not active at moment

Encrypt/Decryption - Allows text hidden behind scrambled data.

Delete and Purge this file - when you have finished with the file and want to permanently delete and make it un recoverable you would choose this to delete the file.

•Well this answers that


Search in document - Input text for search

Search manager


Purge limbo - this is active once a month to allow files to be recovered

<Enter text here >



Entry Template - Insert date or time ect

Formatting date and time - just a direct insert

Draw a line - draw vertical line

Generate password - Creates a password randomly up to 20 characters.


New File

Open file

Use the * to search i.e.


For John ect.

Contents of the file. Scrambled if encrypted

Purge the file

Delete file


Auto Quick Menu



Additional Information, as you can see here from the program now the Quick Menu layout is slightly different as I added a few more bits to it.

On the new update there is a slight change there is now a Last File icon this records the very last file you loaded and when you click the icon it will place the file name inside the file box.

** Further update plans for the editor

I am planning of adding more to this such as being able to open multiple documents so you can change between them.

Entering text in side search box will look for that text within your document.

At this moment in time replace only does it manually i.e. when clicking on replace only replaced one text at a time through the document.

Find Next as its says will search for the next word

Update - This will update the main document.