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What is KEEP A SECRET and why it came to be

Many years ago I decided to collect all my important data in one place to keep it organised and from there on I just added more features and functions and now its become quite a powerful tool with ability to encrypt and read my documents for me plus I setup a reminder system which kept my files separated and secured away from  all  the documents easily accessed by the likes of Microsoft Office ect.

However as an engineer I also decided to include a powerful clean up tool and secure hosting protection tool that locks out websites and keeps your system clean and away from  junk data this also can be a deterrent from  malware getting into certain systems.


- Step 1: Setup a password and login

- Step 2: Creating the folders

Now you have installed the application what next?

Executing the application, sometimes it will be blocked out by certain anti virus and security program s this is because the application is in its infancy and is not recognised by them  programs just yet, so you will just need to add as an exception to the folder so.  Once you are able to execute the program, the first step is to setup the document folders and configurations.

Known problems with installation?

Generally the installation is will install with no problems  but sometimes due to various versions of Windows you will be prompted with errors inside the installation however ignoring them does not damage the installation so you can just continue or ignore etcetera.

Updates issues???

Sometimes the updates will show an error just simply cancel out of the program and go to Program Files, Nick Yates Software and run KSUpdater and when you run the program a dialog box will appear stating Update Anyway, simply click on it and re-start the Keep a Secret application.

Everyone nowadays is data cautious about there files getting into the wrong hands so at least this method can help you and if you want to purge the files we can also offer that too.

Before you do anything you need to setup a password and login.

Once it’s all setup you can either leave the interface so you enter the password and login or you can choose to auto login this mean that when you click on LOGIN or the timer which will auto login after 15 seconds.

Choosing the default folder can be used to select a selected folder this can be in a place used by application such as Drop box, Google Drive ect or pick a standard folder on your computer if you just want it kept local to you and away from the network or Internet.  

- Step 3: Time to login

Your login name or the computer name with your chosen password will allow you to login in to the interface.

Login Auto if ticked will auto login you in after 15 seconds when the application starts however if the icon is pressed on task bar you will press login manually by pressing LOGIN

Keep Password - Will keep a record of the password to help you login without having to type your password every time this is only advised if you are the only user on this computer you have access too.

Using the primary interface

Searching, Sleep, ON TOP ect


You need to set up the folders and various other options such as printer.

If you have tried my applications and like what I am doing why not consider donating for my efforts.