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Apart from the eight option buttons Reminders, Editor, Sidebar, Clock+, Block Website, System Maintenance, Screen Capture and PRS there is more options that will allow you to change settings, setup configurations and even put your screen to sleep.


The reminders system is a general constantly being updated application that helps users keep track of there diary entries or events such as doctors appointments.   Its that easy to setup and link files and websites to the editor within the reminders system.  Unlike most diary based applications this is like a notepad with a function to add sensitive dates with in it, well that is the plan in future versions where you can add time entries by simply type “+08:00” as a tag with in the date and time processed.


The clock is a widget and was originally developed for people with more than one screen, it just ideal to show a clock on another screen whilst your primary screen is used most the clock does have a fade function and up to 2 more clocks can be added by either manually setting up the time and hours or you can set it up from the configurations menu and much more.


How to use the basics of Keep A secret

Like most applications the look and feel is designed for the user to navigate around the software quickly and easily sometimes without a manual just simply intuition, however there are people that need to understand and be able to operate the software to the best of its a abilities.  The Keep a Secret project is a on going project which is being updated regular some updates will be massive and obviously will even be just a change in source code but usually you would check the changes via the updates news page.  


The Website Blocker is a program that adds certain blacklisted websites or you add your self, I currently have over 49,000 black listed websites which will block certain site such as Scam websites, Casinos, Get Rich Quick fake schemes, Tracking Websites for Cookies, Advertising website which are blacklisted and finally adult based websites that appear as adverts.  Helping your children safe from these links.


Genesys is a system maintenance and junk removal tool for performance designed if your computer is:-

Even your download folder is of copies of the same files this will cleanup as you only need 1 copy.


Screen Capture add-on, this is an optional add-on this will download into your computer when you pick the icon, once downloaded will run instantly afterwards.  This add-on will record the screen in different ways - monitor your screen print key and place a capture into the custom editor and also record and convert multiple animations as well as time stamping.


Yes it does sound like a women's menstrual cycle but its not its actually a reminder system which is locked into the daily events system of your tasks, this will be a popup reminder which will be shown when you start up or login to the Keep A secret security system.