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Apart from the eight option buttons Reminders, Editor, Sidebar, Clock+, Block Website, System Maintenance, Screen Capture and PRS there is more options that will allow you to change settings, setup configurations and even put your screen to sleep which are listed above.


Interface Introduction

This is the front end interface and all other applications and module that are launched are generally from this panel what is contains is a let quick link features such as:-


This is the primary login on screen as you can see there are icons there too but they are disabled apart from the two tick boxes which are

Keep Password and Login Auto

There are two options allowing easy and quick access when you need it when your logging in however if there is more than one user using this the computer I would advise not saving or auto logging in.

Once your logged in you are greeted with something like this, this is the interface and it is layout in a way I feel is easy to navigate around.  The tools are together and the office or productivity together and extras at bottom.

We will go further into this console below but as you can see it has a lot of feature.

So down to basics what is each icon?

You have a maximum set of nine main applications and some side functions which are used for various tasks.

The main ones are labelled when you move your mouse over them but some are broke down in descriptions below.

What are these icons on the left next to the  applications

This is the document quick list menu, this allows you to quickly pick the file

The lock function is no longer in any of the newer versions.

Import and Export documents in and out of folders for backup purposes

Update manager is like a popup pager which will show reminders for next seven days

PRS Primary Reminder System, this is used for instant or primary reminders

Shows a menu of functions related to the startup of the application.

This the updates program, this launches the Live Update program which will search for the latest update, download it and apply it to the current version.

This section at bottom setups the configuration of and log on//off

Password hint is a simple way to show a password if you have forgotten it and will show only the first and last letters of your password the rest will be blanked.

The tick box and “On Startup goto Toolbar” means that when the application starts up you will not get the interface you will get the icon instead and it will wait for you to login.

The icon with a key is a short cut to locking the interface whilst your not available to use it.

The icon far left (Info) is a quick link to the reminders page shown on the right of the screen.

Searching for files within the Keep A Secret Environment

By default the search button is hidden until you click on the magnifying glass then the box will appear, the search will only scan within the files, files and documents of keep a secret, I may include an online search but I don’t see the need for it.



Setup events, reminders and diary entries for day in day out.


Time based widget ideal for multiple screens.  Now can use multi clock times

Screen Capture

Multi-feature screen capture utility


Custom editor for storing passwords, information on websites and you can save and encrypt and save it.

Block Website

Allows you to block websites from being accessed by applying to the Hosts file.

PRS (Primary Reminder System)

Useful for setting up quick diary reminders, this can be added by Reminders application too


Powerful system maintenance engine - simple to use - cleans up your files and junk data ..

System Maintenance

If your computer is slow or freezing - taking ages to startup or shutdown this generally sorts the issue.

Reminders Clock+ Screen Capture The Editor Website Blocker PRS GFC

This icon allows moving the interface around the screen, however its locked unless you unlock it from the configurations menu.  Which will toggle you being able to move it to other locations on the screen.  Double clicking will place it above the task bar above the clock.

This is the diary system this allows you to setup and modify dates within the custom diary system.

Useful and unique editor / notepad which is designed to enter just simple text and protect it and more.

Genesys File Cleaner application used for maintaining and removing junk files and freeing up performance which makes a difference to your computer.

Multi function clock with up to 2 extra custom clocks containing time zone functions and alarms & daily reminder systems.

Multiple browser cleaning utility loaded from the server and executed as  a script.

Configurations - setup settings - change colours - functions

Help manual - launches this website.

As you can see I have altered the interface slightly replacing a few icons and links which looks like this below.

The icons below are the primary icons that you would use, well me and others testing this application voted for these and chosen the most often such as Reminders, Editor and System Maintenance.