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The Reminders Application

The reminder system is a simple to use application split up into sections to make it more simpler to operate, you can setup reminders for dates or keep a diary of your day to days like a personal diary you can merge dates if events are on the same day or you can move them to another date, you can link them to specific reminders and link also to the PRS system inside the application.


As you can see the reminder system is part of the interface with quick link icons left of the app and the main section is the within the borders of the interface.




Pick the file you want to recover


Preview - Show the contents

[What to do]  

Recover back to a date selected or chosen date or delete file for good

[X] Exit the Recovery



As you can see a standard diary window appear simply select your date and double click to enter in to the diary event system.

® Is reset to the date

+ Add a date to system

[Ok] with in the box cancels

Diary Clean up Management System - The deleted files

Keep A secret processes the date as follows DATE MONTH YEAR or processed like this DDMMMYYYY with the extension DAA on the end so July 1st 2015 would be 01JUL2015.DAA this is how it would process the date and is generally found in the file location folder /Reminders.  

Simply selecting the file gives you the details and contents unless its encrypted.

Looking below right is a set of icons, this ICON does the same as the one in Date change in the Reminders system.  The D→D allows you to re-insert this file into another date.

Recover a reminder file directly

Re-edit the contents of that file

Purge the document, this is a form of secure deletion of a file what it does it uses special methods and means to delete the document.

Deletes the file from this limbo folder plain and simple, however this is the least secure way and by using this method the files can be recovered easily.

Reminders interface its self

The reminders interface it’s self

The reminder system is a very much like a word processor or text editor it has the same functions as one it has alignment positioning of text on the lines, clipboard cut, copy and paste and colour which allows you to use any combination of colour and formatting to suite what you need.

The features, functions are listed below :-


Update and Exit - As it says it will save and exit the app

Update only - just saves the file

Delete and Purge this file - Carries out a complete deletion of file

Print - Sends the document straight to the printer.


Left, Right and Centre Justification and then Italic, Bold, Underline and Bullets


Cut, Copy & Paste


Text Field - Insert a time, date or other things into the document

Include a file from the reminders folder

Include a file from the card folder

Or and other file - A file which is on your computer … not a link just a reference to something

And as you can see there is a Launch Link dialog this is invoked if you high light a website name,  either http or www will invoke the link

Linking to the PRS (Primary reminder System) this allows you to quickly link this to the PRS as a popup on the interface and is split to into sections

Process Type - certain types i.e. Doctors, Holidays, Payments

Expected Time - Chosen type is a drop down box of hours and minutes every 15 minutes 00, 15, 30, 45 ect however you can choose your own time if you wish to do so.

[+] This will add this to the document at the bottom as a quick update

And Finally the disk saves it to the PRS database, please note this does not update the diary file you need to click on UPDATE or pick save to disk.

The Icons and what they are.

Save, Alignments, Clipboard, formatting, printer and Properties

About > Shows the splash screen i.e. the current version of this application

The clock

Partially active however it does not work correct as of yet.  

The for controller and colours

Fonts - change the sizing of your text to suite your needs.  Please note if you merge your file with another you will loose the formatting

Font name

This is the collection of fonts available within Windows so any which are within the Windows environment will be shown within this list.


Will show A to H in the alphabet the characters.

Global font

This will allow you the user to change the entire document to a particular font if you wish to do so.

The colours

There is 0 to 9 which are fixed colours

Then from A to F which are custom fonts which are shared between Reminders and the Editor which or for custom purposes.

Please note this is based on version 1.0.145 and newer versions may vary but the principle should be the same.

So here is an example of how to use it…

Login to the Keep a secret interface click on Reminders

You will be greeted with this screen

Move your mouse over it and you can see you can choose a day within the next 7 days or if you wish you can pick the calendar